Dorn Therapy

Spinal Alignment for back and neck pain

It is a holistic, effective, safe and Non-manipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints, and a True Self Help Method.

Dorn Therapy

Dorn spinal therapy is developed by Dieter Dorn in the 1970’s in the south of Germany, It is now fast becoming the widest used therapy for back pain and many spinal disorders in Germany.

 Dorn Spinal Therapy is a gentle, effective and safe vertebrae and joint treatment to correct misalignments of the spinal column and other joints. The method is based on natural laws of physics and anatomy and combines Traditional Chinese Medicine Principals with Western techniques and principals.

DORN SPINAL THERAPY is not just a therapy – it is a complete HEALING METHOD

Positive results are often immediately achieved, and with the Self Help Exercises following treatment.   

The Dorn Method can bring long lasting relief.

Dorn is completely safe and very effective.